01 January 2014

Set Up Mathjax


I occasionally tried to post equations here, but gave up when they rendered incomprehensibly. The previews my software was showing me rendered OK but depended on local stuff.

My editing toolset

FWIW, I write and post this stuff using:

  • emacs
  • org-mode (by Carsten Dominick)
  • org2blog:atom, which I wrote. It was previously called org2blog until we realized there were two programs called org2blog)
  • gclient (by T V Raman, used by org2blog:atom)
  • Not Blogger's online editor, which I don't like because it isolates me from emacs and everything else.

So I set up MathJax

Fixing math display was on my todo list for an embarrassingly long time. I finally got around to fixing it when I became aware of MathJax. I have arXiv.org to thank for the pointer to MathJax.

Not many problems

MathJax was actually quite easy to set up. Only two caveats:

  • Of course you've got to use the Tex delimiters around the equations.
  • The include recommended by the MathKax site didn't seem to handle single-dollar-sign delimiters. Fortunately, this site provides a version that works.