14 January 2010


Welcome to my blog.

I plan to talk about these topics:

  • Social choice
    • Decision markets
      • My non-Hansonian design for legislative decision markets (futarchy)
      • FutAIrchy (legislative decision markets combined with AIs) as an answer for The Singularity.
    • Iterated quasi-hay voting (IQHV)
    • Other social choice topics
  • Programming
    • Emacs-lisp programming
    • My ideas on how programming might be made clearer, easier, or better.
  • Rationality
    • fair argument mechanisms (which overlaps with social choice)
    • Balanced thinking
  • Ideas that I like
  • Personal likes and dislikes

Of course this is tentative. My blogging plan, like anyone's, is subject to change.

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