25 August 2010

The King's Singers: Good Vibrations (Review)

Good Vibrations

Some of the tracks were, not badly done but so well-trodden that another cover of them just isn't exciting. Notably:

  • Good Vibrations
  • Cecilia (Paul Simon)
  • American Pie

I was disappointed by And So It Goes. It's not bad, but there is a much better King's Singers performance out there. I had expected that performance to be on this CD and it wasn't.

For some of the tracks, there's fun in seeing the King's Singers ham it up. In particular, Freddie Feel-Good.

Good tracks:

  • Father to Son
  • The Boxer
  • Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy
  • Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover

Pretty Good:

  • That Lonesome Road
  • Freddie Feel-Good

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