05 May 2012

I may not be the first to propose PDM

I may not be the first to propose PDM


Previously I advanced Parallel Dark Matter, the theory dark matter is actually normal matter that "lives" on one of 5 "parallel universes" that exchange only gravitational force with the visible universe. I presumptively call these parallel universes "branes" because they fit with braneworld cosmology.

Spergel and Steinhardt proposed it earlier

They may have proposed it in 2000, and in exactly one sentence.
It's not exactly the same: They don't explicitly propose that it simply is ordinary matter on another brane, and they do not propose multiple branes accounting for the ratio of dark matter to visible matter. But it's close enough that in good conscience I have to let everyone know that they said this first.
AFAICT they and everyone else paid no further attention to it.
The relevant sentence is on page 2: "M-theory and superstrings, for example, suggest the possibility that dark matter fields reside on domain walls with gauge fields separated from ordinary matter by an extra (small) dimension".

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