18 February 2010


A short note about Projany

Projany is a meta project-manager I wrote for emacs. I wrote it because:

  • I wanted a way to store org-rememebr notes in a project-oriented way. That is, after issuing the command `org-remember', pick a project by name, then pick an org doc file within that project to direct the note to.
  • My forthcoming project Emtest wants to can launch all tests for some given project.

I looked over existing emacs project managers and there are too many! Worse, one is big and overkill-ish (ede) and the others are tiny and are probably underkill. I was not keen on committing to one, writing code to fit it, and then finding that I should have picked a different one.

As I was trying to pick The Right One, it dawned on me that I shouldn't be trying to pick one at all, I should just support a common interface for all of them. So I wrote projany.

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