18 February 2010

weblogger, g-client, and I'm back

weblogger, g-client, and I'm back

Despite the multiweek hiatus, I have not forgotten blogging. I had been using the library weblogger.el to post, but it's not satisfactory. Not sure exactly why it stopped working. I didn't want to spend serious time fixing it, because it uses an older protocol; it uses XML-RPC instead of Atom API.

Too bad, because I had already done a little coding to make it post directly from org-mode.

So I have switched over to T V Raman's g-client. The switch may be temporary or not - we'll see.

Using g-client was not straightforward - you have to know the trick of first calling `gblogger-blog', getting the [post] url from that, and using that as the URL. It's not obvious. This page was very helpful in getting it running so I updated emacs-wiki to point to it.

This is not to run Raman down. He does say that it's a work in progress. And his code is clean and well-structured, to be sure. He structures code like I do, but he has a different way of folding it (folding.el vs allout.el)

This post is a test of g-client working with some org-oriented support code I just wrote.

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