27 March 2010


org2blog runs now

This post is coming to you via software I just wrote called org2blog. Much credit is due to:

Carsten Dominick
T V Raman
gclient, particularly gblogger

What's it do?

Right now, with a little clueful setup, it turns org files directly into blog posts. Like this one!

They can even include pictures and links to other posts. (But you have to give a command to post the pictures, it doesn't figure out what's needed)

At the top of this org file I have a few lines:

#+OPTIONS: creator:nil author:nil toc:nil inline-images:t H:4
#+TITLE: org2blog
#+BLOGLABELS: org2blog

Then I command:

M-x org2blog-post

And then you see it on my blog.

When will it be available?

Right now it's a series of files that load after org and gclient and override some of their functions. That's not really a suitable form to release software in.

There is a tarball of it, though, if you're brave or foolish.

What's missing?

Lots of convenience stuff. You really have to know how to set it up. I hope to change that soon (them's famous last words, don'tcha know)

Also testing is largely missing. It works very much thru org-mode and gclient. Org-mode has hundreds (maybe thousands) of configuration variables, and gclient does all its work wrt a remote server. Neither provided mocks of their functionality. So I had no good way of pinning either one down so I could test code that uses it.

Why'd I do it?

I like using emacs org mode a lot better than than using online editors. While I was posting the last three blog entries, I was also developing this.

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