07 September 2010

The King's Singers: Watching the White Wheat (Review)

Watching the White Wheat (Folksongs of the British Isles)

The title song by itself is worth the price of the album. This one has got all the bases covered: It's a beautiful tune, the arrangement is gorgeous, and to nobody's surprise the King's Singers do a fine job with it.

This CD resembles the Annie Laurie CD. It's a mix of folksongs from the British isles. Some are fast, fun tunes, some slow and soulful. And for some reason, on both CDs the best track is the only one sung in Welsh (the rest are in English).

I liked the rendition of Danny Boy on this CD better than the one on Annie Laurie; they have no other songs in common. The arrangements tend to be less distracting than those on Annie Laurie. One exception: the solos on the first two verses of O Waly, Waly. However, the remaining verses are gorgeous.

On the whole, I like this CD better.

Good tracks:

  • Early One Morning
  • Watching the White Wheat (Bugeilo'r Gwenith Gwyn)
  • Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
  • O my love is [like] a red, red rose.
  • There's nae luck about the house

Pretty good:

  • O Waly, Waly
  • Migildi Magildi

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