01 September 2010

org2blog again

While I'm thinking about it

Just used my org2blog to upload the last post. Including all the pictures exercised it fairly well. While it's fresh in my mind I have a few comments:

How to use it with pictures

  • (Of course) Write a file that includes pictures.
    • Capture the pictures. I find it's convenient if you put them in a sub-directory of your blogging directory
    • Use C-u C-c l to make links to them
  • Upload the pictures
    • If you have a Blogger account, you have a Picasa account, or you do if you have ever put a picture in your blog. If you don't, you'll have to set something up.
    • Call gphoto-albums twice. The first time, g-client will have an error. It's due to a missing entity, really an upstream problem so I haven't looked at it.
      • If my acute shortage of round tuits ends, I'll make gphoto-choose-album automatically does this.
    • Upload the photos. Usually gphoto-directory-add-photos is most convenient. For single photos, use gphoto-photo-add.
    • org2blog will automatically remember what remote URL they correspond to.
  • Upload the blog entry with M-x org2blog-post

I made gphoto-directory-add-photos easier

Now it picks album names from a list.

Glitch in gphoto

Somewhere in gphoto there was a "bad byte code" glitch. That seems to have been solved by reloading. I'm not sure how serious it is.


I'm not sure what TV Raman planned with this function. It doesn't look like it would work, and I've never used it. However, I fixed what looks like a scoping error that always gave me some byte-compilation bugs. No guarantee from me that it works.

org export can't naturally flow text & pictures

Not a major failing, since it's not really meant as a page designer. But I'd have liked to flow the text around the pictures, and I couldn't without writing the HTML by hand.

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