01 February 2011

fileset-whole works well


Saturday I blogged about fileset-whole. It's extensions to emacs filesets, which I wrote because I was frustrated with all project managers and because emacs filesets was tantalizingly close to what I needed. I promised to blog about it again after I tried it out.

Works great

Well, I tried it out well the past few days, and it works great! For a newborn package, it's pretty robust. I only had to squash a few tiny bugs.

I'm using right now (literally a minute ago) to develop with. I created a default setting that supports the commands I commonly use, and a default keybinding that launches any filesets or fileset-whole command.

I also added support for filesets in Emtest, so now I'm running test suites from anywhere with just a couple of keystrokes,

C-c p t TAB RET

Where it is

It now lives in git://repo.or.cz/fileset-whole.git, see here I haven't made a package for it; just clone it from the repo. There is a mob branch if you want to contribute.

Running it (A tentative README)

I haven't written a README or other documentation for it, other than docstrings. That step always feels like talking into a vaccuum. I can never tell what information is actually wanted out there, or whether I'm just wasting time doc'ing something nobody uses.

But here goes:

  • Enable filesets. They are bundled with recent emacs. Just put in your emacs load sequence,

    As usual, I recommend Era's my-site-start.el for managing the emacs load sequence neatly.

  • Install it. You'll probably want elinstall at git://repo.or.cz/elinstall.git. Having that, just run do-elinstall.el
  • Customize it. You don't strictly need to, but you will probably want to. You can do this just by
    M-x customize-apropos fileset-whole-commands RET
  • Customize group data. At the moment, this has to be done manually. In the future I hope to provide this automatically. Again you can get by without fully doing this, but filesets this isn't done for can't do much that's special. At least mirror each filesets group and add :root-dir to each.
    M-x customize-apropos fileset-whole-alist RET
  • To get the autoloads, restart emacs or just (if installed my way):
    M-x load-file 50fileset-whole.el RET
  • To launch any fileset-based command,
    C-c p

    and you will have a menu of commands.

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