09 December 2011

Kernel WYSIWYG Digraphs

Kernel WYSIWYG rooted digraphs


I said in comments that I view backquote as a WYSIWYG tree ctor, analogous to `list'.

That's not fully general

But backquote doesn't suffice to construct the most general form of open structure of pairs, a rooted digraph. Those require the ability to share objects between multiple parents.

Things that don't do the job

One could write shared objects by naming objects in a `let' form and including them by name. That's not WYSIWYG, though. WYSIWYG would at least present the objects in place once, as #N# / #N= reader notation does.

But that's in the reader. It's not available to general code.

What to do

One could:

  • Enclose the whole construction in an empty `let'.
  • Provide a combiner expanding to ($sequence ($define! x DEF) x)

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