20 June 2012

Parallel Dark Matter - make that five

Hold that last brane


I have been blogging about a theory I call Parallel Dark Matter (and here and here), which I may not be the first to propose, though I seem to be the first to flesh the idea out.

Recently I posted (Brown dwarfs may support PDM) that wrt brown dwarfs, the ratio between the number we see by visual observation and the number that we seem to see by gravitational microlensing, 1/5, is similar to what PDM predicts.

I had another look and it turns out I was working from bad data. The ratio is not just similar, it's the same.

Dark matter accounts for 23% of the universe's mass, while visible matter accounts for 4.6% (the remainder is dark energy). Ie, exactly 1/5. I don't know why I accepted a source that put it as 1/6; lazy, I guess.

That implies 5 dark branes rather than 6. I have updated my old PDM posts accordingly.

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