05 April 2010

More progress on org2blog


Org2blog is an emacs package that I wrote. It's not quite releasable yet, but there is a tarball available for the brave or foolish. I use it to post this blog, because I like to write my stuff in org-mode.

Recent progress

Maps from local filename to remote URL

org2blog now has a persistent map from local filenames to remote URLs. This is useful when posting links to other blog posts or to images that you have locally, as long as you upload them to Picasa (Google's image hosting)

It automatically captures a remote URL when you post to Blogger. But it doesn't yet capture a remote image URL when you post to Picasa, because that process call runs asynchronously, which is more difficult to capture from.

Captures album lists

g-client knew what photo albums were but couldn't capture a list of existing albums. org2blog can.

Made org's html export neater

In the course of doing this, I made org's html exporting slightly cleaner and better factored. However, this is all done thru a file that's loaded on top of org-html.el.

Again, credit to others

Carsten Dominick
T V Raman
gclient, particularly gblogger

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