20 April 2010

org2blog released

org2blog is now released as alpha quality software

It is released as a tarball of:

  • Org2blog itself
  • Supporting package tinydb
  • Diffs to g-client
    • g-client is by T V Raman
  • Diffs to org-mode
    • org-mode is by Carsten Dominik, with many additions by others including myself.

To run it you'll also need:

  • org-mode
  • To patch org-mode
  • g-client
  • To patch g-client
  • Bravery (or an equivalent amount of foolhardiness)

Some short documentation is in org2blog/README.org Basically:

  • Have a Blogger account
  • M-x gblogger-blog
    • That will give a parse error - T V tells me it's missing an external entity - but it will set up the blog posting url for your blog
  • Write a blog post (which I'm doing right now)
  • M-x org2blog-post
  • And it will appear on Blogger, just like this did (or will).

Summary of changes to g-client

  • User-visible changes
    • Some automatic capture of data, by only these interface functions:
      • gphoto-feeds
      • gphoto-photo-add
      • gblogger-blog
      • gblogger-new-entry
    • Changed gphoto-photo-add to ask for an album name from the list of albums, not an album id number.
    • Added a more flexible way of getting authentication: Just customize (new variable) `g-user-auth-function'
    • Hooks
      • `g-app-afterpost-hook' which should be a function taking 2 args:
        • The source filename
        • The remote url
    • gphoto treats non-jpgs
      • Can find them in directories
      • (Forthcoming) Sends the right Content-Type for them.
      • Uses (both emacs-bundled packages) `image' and `image-file' to know about image file types.
    • g-load-defs.el now can be used as a symlink with my-site-start, because it knows its real location.
  • Internal additions:
    • Added optional arguments to some interfaces
      • Mostly to pass storers around
        • g-app-send-buffer
        • g-app-view
    • Added internal variables
      • To hold captured data
        • gphoto-album-list
        • gphoto-user-api-location
      • To name new XSL scripts
        • g-xsl-blogpost->url
        • g-xsl-photopost->url
        • g-xsl-feed->albums
      • To hold a buffer-local storer until g-app posts
        • g-app-storer
    • Many commands associated with capturing data
      • gblogger-blog-assign-data
      • gphoto-feeds-assign-data
      • g-app-setup-capture
      • g-util-capture-x
      • g-util-capture
    • Created some convenience functions because I found myself repeating code:
      • g-app-shell-command
      • g-app-build-command
      • g-app-build-storer
      • g-app-setup-posting
      • g-app-succeeded
      • g-display-common
    • Changed g-auth to use customizable variable `g-user-auth-function' for initial authentication.
      • Added g-user-default-auth-function, that variable's default value.

Would have liked real test code

I would have liked to write proper test code for this.

Unfortunately, I basically need an immutable remote site to do it. I contacted Google about this but never heard back from them. That made development more difficult.

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